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Aug 12, 2017
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President Obama wanted a strong Europe that would be a firm friend and ally of the US.

President Trump is all in favour of a no deal Brexit. That way he can strengthen his hand in trade deals with the UK that he could not with the full EU. All under the pretext of a “special relationship”.

His ambassador in London has been stomping the country extolling the virtues of chlorinated chicken. “Let the British people decide if they want to buy it. Five million Brits visit the US every year and they never complain about our chicken.”

The EU has long banned chlorinated meats but not for any health reasons and certainly not for financial reasons.

Firstly it encourages poor hygiene practices whilst killing and processing. What is the point of hygiene if the carcasses are going to be dowsed in chlorine afterwards?

Secondly, and mainly, chlorination means that chickens can be kept in much more cramped conditions. It is this animal welfare argument that makes welfare much better in Europe that in the US.

Heaven knows that conditions in the UK are often still very far from acceptable but farmers here have embraced recent legislation. If they have to compete with much cheaper American imports they will have to call for welfare legislation to be revoked. This would be a terribly retrograde step.

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