Switch to veganism/vegetarianism caused by a viral infection


Jul 8, 2018
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Hi, I've just joined this forum to post some information which may be useful for vegans and vegetarians, regarding a viral infection in common circulation which has been observed to cause some people to switch to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. This virus passes from person-to-person by normal social contact, and if it is indeed a trigger precipitating a switch to a meat-free diet, it may help explain why veganism has dramatically increased in recent years (in the US there has been an enormous sixfold increase in veganism in the last few years).

If you have various nagging health issues or symptoms that seem inexplicable, this virus possibly might explain it, as it lingers in the body for years causing both physical and mental symptoms (mental symptoms like anxiety and depression). I caught this virus myself, and it wrecked my health.

I have an education in science, and interests in spirituality, meditation, yoga, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, physics, computing, health and alternative health.

I am shortly going to post a new thread providing further details on this virus.