Super lazy desserts?


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Mar 21, 2018
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I get a sweet tooth in the evenings. I'm well into veg-out mode at that point and not in the mood to cook or make more dirty dishes. I usually slice a couple apples and eat them with peanut butter.

If you want something sweet with essentially zero prep time, what do you typically have?
Usually fresh fruit. A company down here has just started a vegan line of ice creams and sorbets, oh boy they are delicious. But of course lots of sugar so trying not to eat too much.
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I know this takes time, but prep time is the same as your apples.... I like cutting an apple in half, then adding Earth Balance and maple syrup. Bake until soft. Yum.
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Mix cocoa powder with maple syrup and pour generously over pieces of fresh banana.

Or if you have some cheap bottled chocolate sauce, drizzle it over frozen berries. Like ice cream except not.

If you happen to own a good blender or food processor, you can blend frozen bananas with other types of fresh or frozen fruit, and add a sweetener like maple or agave syrup to make "nice cream."

Around Thanksgiving, I made a delicious thing: canned pumpkin mixed with spices (cinnamon will do but you can add nutmeg and cloves or use "pumpkin pie" spice); stick full-fat coconut milk skimmed for just the fatty part (you have to refrigerate a can of coconut milk over night up to one day for this) and blend that thick white fatty part in the blender with maple or agave syrup then place on top of your spiced canned pumpkin. Promptly smack any non-vegan that tries to steal your "pumpkin pie." The thin liquid part from the canned coconut milk can be mixed into a smoothie later or used in another recipe.
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I like dates too as a candy-like snack/dessert. I don't really have much of a sweet-tooth, but if I did, YouTube is loaded with vegan dessert ideas.

Here's a few very simple ones:

Oh man, good ideas thanks all :)

Looks like I'll need to stock up on maple syrup and a few other ingredients.

A couple nights ago I melted chocolate and peanut butter and stirred in flax seed...used too much baking chocolate so it was a little bitter but not too bad for a shot in the dark.