Super Confusing.


Mar 12, 2015
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I thought I'd been locked out of the forums, or had my account deleted or something until while lurking to try and search for an answer I found the announcement you guys have started again.

I guess I'd like to be brief in my (second) intro! :p

My name is Saif. I'm a Muslim from Melbourne, Australia.
I used to be v*gan, but started eating halal meats in 2009. I found it became more habit than passion, though I do still hardly eat any meat and not much animal byproduct, I've thought of going vegetarian again...For health benefits, I did feel healthier when I was v*gan anyway.

We'll see.
Anyway, I'm25, a father of two, a husband. I work full time in fruit and veg (go figure) and study fulltime too (Counselling and Community Services.)