Staying vegan on a cruise


Nov 25, 2016
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Going on a 19 day cruise. Advice on staying vegan on the cruise would be appreciated. Will there be many options for us?
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Jamie in Chile

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Jan 3, 2016
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Try and look on the company's website and then call them if no info.

If it's a large boat it will very likely have vegan options.

Also, suggest to email them in advance and ask if they have vegan options or would be willing to make some. Then, if they give a positive response, print and take with you so you can show it it you meet any resistance. Probably not needed, but just incase.

Also take some snacks with you just incase. E.g. nuts are small and filling and not a problem to leave in heat/cold. Worth a back up plan.

Cruises do tend to cater to older folks, and older folks tend to less likely to be vegan.

I have never been on a cruise.

Good luck.

UK Chap in Q8

Jan 10, 2017
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Hi PapaDave

I have cruised twice in the past and found that the catering has been on the whole good with the provision of Vegan/ WFPB food.

Restaurants normally have a Veggie/Vegan options and I found the buffets to have healthy options in abundance, though for many passengers these are bypassed!

Get to know the staff to identify if there is an opportunity for something more specific to be available.

A lot of Cruise staff are from countries that aren't so dependent upon meat and dairy in their diet

Carnival Cruises where who I sailed with

Have a cracking time

PS. I was constantly reminded of the Spaceship from the film Wall-E