Something we can all relate to..


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Jun 4, 2012
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Look familiar?



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Jun 3, 2012
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Ha! One of my dogs is like the cat in the picture. Nothing has ever gotten her to be comfortable with car riding. She absolutely hates going anywhere.

I've never understood Lestat with car rides. He used to get so sick in the car and as soon as the car would start moving he'd hyperventilate. Yet any time he had to go somewhere he would be through the roof excited.. Until the car moved. It took about a year to get him comfortable with car rides and now as long as the ride is less than 3hrs long he doesn't get car sick. I started him out with literally a drive around the block and then back. Then eventually a few blocks then to a nearby pet store to get treat and back, then to a local park for a walk and back, and so on until I was able to take him out for hikes. I don't know what he associated car rides with but it must have been something pretty bad. Now he associates them with good things like hiking and the ocean. If he goes to the vet he does throw up on the way home still.