Some tips on Mineral containing foods.


Jan 19, 2017
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  1. Vegan
I'm Vegan for about 2 years now and eat alot of raw.
Unfortunately the soil is not rich in minerals these days.
I started from filtering my water to distillation because it is so much cleaner.

This means I don't get any minerals from my water consumption and I have theirfore the goal to add high mineral containing foods in my diet.

And thus the question is: Which foods are high in Minerals these days?

I know nuts are part on that list including vegetables.
But I can never tell in what kind of soil they are cultivated. Usually not to good within industrial agriculture and the same goes for organically grown whole foods. Actually that is usually the same soil in any of both ways.

Are there any wholefoods I can be sure of that contain a high amount of minerals?

I am already using a combination of Celtic/Himalayan Sea salt and seaweed.
Is there anything else out there that is notorious for its current mineral complexity and/or quantity.
Other sea source vegetables or any imported land cultivated foods that are available?

I know there are very safe vegan friendly mineral complex supplements out there. Granted, I order such a container from time to time. But I don't intend that to be my only option.

Thanks for your time and effort!