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Alex and Elise

Oct 18, 2017
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Greetings from the Netherlands!

My girlfriend and I recently decided to make a blog dedicated to discussing veganism, health and ways in which we can live a touch greener. We hope that the information we share there will be useful and that more importantly, that you find the content interesting! We've only posted twice so far as the website was completed just last weekend. The first post covers what veganism actually is and it's designed for those who are new to veganism. And today we explained how veganism is good for the environment.

The title of our next blog will be 'Why it's irrational to eat meat' which we'll share on Sunday. We're aiming to make it a Wednesday/Sunday thing. Anyway, the blog is in its infancy so if any of you have some spare time to check out our website and support us, we'd definitely appreciate it! Even if you've been a vegan for a while, you'll still find useful information in the blogs... we hope! ;-) Stay tuned guys. Cheers!

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