Should you eat nutritional yeast every day


Aug 1, 2018
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In How Not to Die, Michael Greger writes

Another option for athletes who want to sustain their immune function is nutritional yeast. A 2013 study reported that you may more effectively maintain your levels of white blood cells after exercise by consuming a special type of fiber found in baker’s, brewer’s, and nutritional yeast.— Brewer’s yeast is bitter, but nutritional yeast has a pleasant, cheese-like flavor. It tastes particularly good on popcorn.

{The study found that after two hours of intense cycling, the number of monocytes (another type of immune system white blood cell) in subjects’ bloodstreams took a dip. But those who were given the equivalent of about three-quarters of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast before they exercised ended up with even higher levels of monocytes than when they started working out.}

That’s all well and good on a lab report, but does consuming yeast fiber actually translate to

fewer illnesses? Researchers put that question to the test at the Carlsbad Marathon in California.

Runners who were given the daily equivalent of about a spoonful of nutritional yeast in the four weeks after the race appeared to have just half the rates of upper-respiratory infection compared to runners consuming a placebo. Remarkably, the runners on yeast reported feeling better too. When asked how they felt on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, the people taking the placebo reported about a four or five. On the other hand, the subjects on the nutritional yeast consistently reported feeling better, around a six or seven. Elite athletes normally experience mood deterioration before and after a marathon, but this study revealed that a little nutritional yeast may improve a wide range of emotional states, reducing feelings of tenseness, fatigue, confusion, and anger, while at the same time increasing perceived “vigor.”

I've signed up for the half marathon on September 30. I can now run 9 miles by myself. And I want to go to do a marathon eventually but only once in my life because I think running for periods longer than an hour are detrimental to your health, at least to me they are. In any case, I came down with a common cold and I sort of thought that veganism was supposed to put an end to that based on this article

and a few other snippets I've heard. Maybe I got the cold because I was only eating about 800 calories per day for a two week period. I've since scaled the intake back up to about 1500. In any case, I want to try nutritional yeast but should I eat this stuff every day or only on days of high physical exercise?
I don't think too many people here will comment on whether you should eat 'nooch' every day or not. I eat it when is fits with what I am eating. I use it for making things 'cheesier' so if cheesier is not appropriate I don't eat it. Two or three times a week is the max, I am not training for a marathon....

Emma JC
One quick note here (and you will find this info also on Dr Greger's site) there are some people that should not consume nutritional yeast - people with Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases should beware and do their research.

Emma JC