UK Severe Weather Disrupts Travel


Moll Flanders

I'm not going out tonight now because of the weather. It's too cold and icy!

I saw on the news that a man filmed people slipping over on a bit of ice in London and he put it on social media. :rolleyes:30 people slipped over in 10 minutes. He did eventually go and put some grit on the spot to stop people from falling over.

Indian Summer

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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxon, UK
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When my bus to work turned up this morning, around 20 minutes late, it had changed service name, and the driver told me he was only going to the other side of town due to the weather. It wasn't eve snowing at that point. So that was it for me, I turned around and walked home to have a well-deserved snow day. (I.e. working from home.)
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