Seeking advice on resources for better vegan transition


Nov 20, 2017
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I went vegan around May of last year after having some heart health issues combined with a feeling of wanting to support animal rights and fight CAFOs. However, when I switched I ended up eating a lot of bread and bean based meals. That ended up giving me loose stools, bloating, heart burn, and weight gain. I stuck with this for 3-4 months but I couldn't do it anymore. After going back to a meat heavy diet, all of those symptoms went away (except I can't seem to lose the weight).

I want to go back to being vegan but how do I do it and still feel full (hunger was a huge issue), not rely so much on bread, and not have so much fiber that I feel like I need a bathroom within 2 feet of me at all times.

Do you have any advice or any resources that would help for a smoother transition?

Thank you!


Feb 15, 2018
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Hey Corpsepose,

People in your exact position are soooo common. Myself and half of the people I know went through the same experience you did, only few made it long term and I believe the difference between those who made it and didn't is simply a matter of knowing what to eat and when.

it takes a little bit of time to develop the habits and recipes but 3-4 months should have been enough.

I feel like a broken record saying this but do you own a blender? or a juicer?

in the transition period, it really is convenient to have one, a blender in particular. Smoothies for breakfast every day is the best solution for most, it gives you a quick, tasty and nutritious meal you can take with you in a mason jar if need be. But most importantly it is SOOO filling. Check this one out: Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

There are countless other vegan breakfast smoothie recipes out there, just find one you like.

Snacking, I don't really snack as much as I used too, but while your metabolism and everything else is getting accustomed to being vegan you need to eat more often, snacking is KEY. My suggestion is to keep your favorite dip, be it hummus or baba ganoush in the fridge with some corn chips or even better some baby carrots and celery. I also love rice crackers with Peanut butter. Go to the store and load up on them every week.

Did you drink a lot of fruit juice when you transitioned? I know a lot of people do, and this can be the culprit to being on the toilet too often. try to limit fruit juices, though they are an amazing source of vitamins it can be a little too much at the start.

Lastly, with your meals, make sure you are adding something of substance to each meal. Like the difference between a salad and a salad with tempeh are completely different. the former will only keep you full for 30 minutes the latter at least a couple hours. Find some vegan sausages, tempe you like and if you cant have those eat meals with rice, couscous, quinoa (i personally dislike quinoa) and so on.

If you can find a few vegan chef blogs you really like that will help a lot too. Sorry my website does not really have much for you at the moment, I promise I will be adding some awesome stuff soon.