Savory intentions transform into sweet delight


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Dec 2, 2017
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The following is not a recipe I am suggesting. It tasted good, but the taste was totally not what I was after. It might be an interesting experiment though, if you like experimenting with food.

Tonight I set out to make some savory barley snacks - from sprouted barley and some other ingredients.

The ingredients used were:

- Fresh sprouted barley (not store bought powder - these are fresh 3 day sprouts)
- Water
- Rolled oats (as flour)
- Whole wheat flour
- Onion
- Garlic
- Salt
- Parsley
- A little oil for quick frying

Savory enough? Oh no. These didn't turn out savory at all.

First I pulverized the barley sprouts with the other (non dry) ingredients to get a smooth consistancy. Then I added the flours to thicken and then into the oiled pan.

End result: These were semi-sweet. Must have hit the right temp and right length of time for conversion to work with the amylase in the fresh barley sprouts because the end product did not taste like onion, garlic or savory at all. It was sweet!

New project. I'm going to make the same without garlic and onion and just use cinnamon and perhaps a few dates.
Sometimes new recipes gone wrong turn into great things. I once tried making a new cajun rice side dish, and somehow the ratio of broth/water was off and it was really soupy. It has now become one of our favorite main dishes as a chowder.
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Did you sprout the barley yourself?