Spirituality Satanic coins found hidden in stave churches

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Apr 26, 2012
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During restoration work in Hopperstad stave church in Vik, carpenter Erlend Gjelsvik found a satanic coin that was hidden near the choir.

A few years later, his son Tor Egil Gjelsvik, also he a carpenter, found a similar coin while doing restoration work in Urnes stave church in Luster.

Father and son each found satanic coins during church restoration (NRK - nynorsk, 16. Feb. 2014)

Only 3 such coins have been registered in Norway, but in Denmark around 370 coins have been found over a period of 40 years!
Satanic coins spread throughout the country (Politiken - dansk, 19. Oct. 2013)

What is gong on? A satanic conspiracy to curse the churches?
Well, I think the Satanic conspiracy sounds more likely. Probably operating out of Denmark somewhere, as that is where most of the coins have been found.
how old are these coins? Do they know, or have an idea?
I don't think it says, except that they have been finding these kinds of coins for 40 years now. And the text reads Civitas Diaboli, which I guess translates to ... City of The Devil?

Edit: The Danish news article says they found 11 occult letters as well in one church.
More thorough reading reveals that one of the coins found in Norway says Anholt (a Danish island, I think) 13. May 1973.
OMG! It was an elaborate prank! (Interesting story if you have a few minutes to read.)

...or is that just what they want us to believe?! :devil:
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