Republicans call an emergency meeting


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Jun 8, 2018
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Friday night as the Federal government was heading towards a shutdown, the House Republicans held an emergency meeting.

The topic they felt needed to be urgently discussed was not the government shutdown. or the Syrian or Afghanistan withdrawal. or Mattis resigning.

Nope, the urgent issue was the Curd Act. The Curd Act would allow cheese to be labelled as natural even if it contains artificial ingredients.

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) eventually jumped in to defend the meeting, calling the cheese bill “important to small business,” then eventually segueing into the issue of funding for the southern border wall, the key matter that prompted the shutdown.

“We are being overrun on our southern border,” Sessions declared.

That’s when McGovern piped up, appearing confused, asking, “There’s no wall in this bill, right?”

“It is important,” Sessions argued back, clarifying that he was “not talking about the wall of cheese.”​

First off I want to know what is the "wall of cheese"?

Please, if you live in Rep Sessions district, send him some cheese. Preferably some not labelled natural. If you can't stand the idea of buying cheese, send him some vegan cheese.