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Mar 11, 2015
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After some serious consideration I've decided to remove the support for Tapatalk from the forum, I know a few users rely on Tapatalk to be able to use the forums and for that I apologize though the forum is capable of running on a handheld device without the need of third party support. The removal has good reason, read the below.

Tapatalk's terms of service can and will probably change without notice to myself which means they could potentially sneak something in for example "We'll hand over email addresses of forum users to third party companies" which is something I'd hate to happen. Say if terms of service changed for Facebook you the user would be alerted of the change but with Tapatalk nothing.

Tapatalk has apparently been updated to a newer version, normally I would be told what the changes were with the add-on but nothing... I don't know what's changed in the new version I'm just expected to download this update no questions asked.

Vulnerabilities, previously Tapatalk has been known to have a fair amount of vulnerabilities. If there was a serious problem with the add-on we have installed (now removed) I wouldn't know unless I signed into their site. For all I know the plugin we were running could have been compromised I wouldn't have known.

I quote this from another forum administrator who has now removed the add-on from their forum, I would hate the same to happen, I do not like the fact that Tapatalk has complete access to the information of the users of this forum which is another reason the add-on has been removed.

Tapatalk began to email ALL of my members with a 'Likes you've received, click here to download Tapatalk' solicitation email. This went out to members who don't even own smartphones and I was accused of selling or sharing my member list by some of our members. They mined my entire member database without my knowledge and began to use this list of usernames and email addresses to try to sell their app.

A lot of other communities have followed suit in the removal of the plugin, I have no plans to re-install the plugin due to the reasons above, privacy and security comes first.
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