Recipe for dairy-free icing/frosting


Mar 5, 2017
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I do a lot of baking and I've had no difficulty finding great recipes for vegan cakes, or veganising non-vegan recipes, but when it comes to the icing/frosting, I really can't find anything I'm happy with. I've tried lots of different recipes but all of the ones that use a butter substitute just have a nasty margariney taste and feel greasy. I've also had issues with most of the recipes I've tried turning out too runny so they can't be piped and just run off the top of the cake.
I managed to make a decent icing using coconut oil once (or maybe coconut cream, or a mixture of both - it was a while ago and I can't remember) but it tasted pretty coconutty so it wouldn't be suitable for all cakes. I also tried using vegan cream cheese to make a cream cheese icing for a carrot cake, but even though it was just the cream cheese, icing sugar and orange zest, it went too runny - I've read that this can be caused by the icing sugar dissolving into the cream cheese (whether it's dairy or non-dairy) and that causes it to go runny.
Does anyone have a good recipe for a vegan icing that's thick enough to be piped and hold its shape, and has a nice taste and texture rather than being like eating sugary margarine?