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Apr 19, 2015
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I've noticed that over the years my recipe books have changed... But not in the way you'd expect.
Once upon a time, I was vegetarian and would not considered any cook book that wasn't vegetarian or vegan. Now I'm vegan and have been for many years, I even have one or two really useful books that feature meat recipes in them. I don't know if I'm more adaptable as a cook or if it is simply a case I wanted more flavours and have had to adapt to what used to be a shortage of vegan recipes but I find it no longer bothers me. 99.5% of my cookbooks are still 'vegetarian with over half of those being vegan though.

Do you have favourite cookbooks that are not vegan or have you gone digital completely and just pick the odd recipe here and there that you like?

I wonder how many of us actually have vegetarian recipes or cookbooks that we just adapt, or the occasional 'normal' cookbooks that we also adapt recipes from.

My meat eaters entry is 'The Dal Cookbook' by Krishna Dutta. A very good cookbook if you can work around the meat aspect!
I didn't really start collecting cookbooks until I became vegan. Nearly all have "vegan" in the title. The exceptions are books by Peter Reinhart on bread baking. While I appreciate the convenience of digital media, I love real books. All my cookbooks are print and bound. (And rather spattered on the inside!)
I have a few 'normal' cookbooks, but use them not often, lately i find some recipe in i-net, write it in my own collection
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