Recent threats on the endangered species act

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Nov 18, 2017
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This article isn't so much about the animals themselves, but the cold and terrifying reality we face at this time. The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, we are experiencing severe weather and warnings of "hothouse earth" and species (though some quite small and unnoticeable) are going extinct every minute.

One of the most powerful tools standing between life and certain death for critical keystone species such as the northern spotted owl, sea otter and actual motherfucking coral is The Endangered Species Act.

Of course, Satanic Cult Leader and Madman Extraordinaire (quite possibly the evil child Damian from The Omen all grown up and ready to unleash the apocalypse) Donald Trump has proposed gutting this too.

The Endangered Species Act.

As vegans, wildlife is very much our concern just as much as agriculturally abused and research lab animals. I think that as vegans we make a choice every day that not only spares the life of one farmed animal or keeps cosmetics from being sprayed in the eyes of another, but we also make choices that prevent the destruction of wildlife habitat by rejecting large-scale animal agriculture. However, I strongly feel there is a deeper responsibility as well to engage in actions that physically protect wildlife, especially those endangered.