Really great burger recipe


Mar 5, 2017
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I've done a lot of experimenting with homemade burgers, and I've found that a lot of them don't hold their shape and end up being quite squishy, but a while ago I found a recipe that I'm completely in love with. The burgers are easy to shape, they stay together in the pan and they have a really good firm texture that I like in a burger. The best bit is that you can use the basic recipe and adapt it to include whatever flavours you want - I've done it with various different herbs and spices, and used different nuts and seeds from the original recipe. I even did some at Christmas that had onions, sage and a few cranberries in them.
The original recipe uses egg - I first tried it with Orgran egg replacer but it was a bit crumbly so I think you'd need more liquid. When I couldn't get them to hold together properly, I added a teaspoonful of chia seeds that I'd soaked in a bit of water, and it worked much better. I've since done it just with soaked chia seeds to replace the eggs, and that worked well too. I guess you can experiment with whatever you usually prefer to use as a binding agent for this sort of thing, there are lots of options.
Here is the link to the original recipe -