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Jul 21, 2021
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I'm an incredibly empathetic person. Like, I almost cried because I got annoyed at a mosquito (they're just trying to eat why are people so mean to them :( )

I love meat, I won't deny it. Its delicious af. But I also feel bad for eating it. So I was planning on cutting it out of my diet. As well as any animal products.

But there's 2 things I dont know if I can cut out.

Wool and leather. I can probably do with not buying leather a lot. But I do really like leather boots, and I have a leather bag and a wallet. Both of which were given to me by my dad. So I dont want to get rid of them.

And wool, I dont tend to use a lot of it. But the warmest coats I've found are US Navy peacoats, I wear mine the entire winter. I'm cold without it.

I know I wouldn't be a vegan, but like, is there any term for this (doubt it) if there's not, what should I refer to myself as? Imo I'm too close to vegan to call myself a vegetarian, but I don't hit all the marks for vegan, so idk if I feel right calling myself one.


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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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In my book you are "almost a vegan" or something.

The thing in my book that separates vegans from non vegans is INTENT. In the Vegan Society's definition is has the phrase, " seeks to exclude". To me that means "strives" or "intends". So I interpret that as its not so much as what you do but what you want to do. Taken to an extreme - if you want to be a vegan - POOF - you are a vegan.

It does sound like you actually haven't cut out meat out of your diet. So it would be misleading to tell others you are vegan. But if you have almost adopted a vegan diet then you are almost a vegan. So maybe if someone asks you can tell them you are "almost vegan"

I don't think as a vegan you have to get rid of the non-vegan things that your accrued before hand. I still have several pairs of leather shoes I bought a long time ago. Some vegans become uncomfortable with owning or wearing those things and do get rid of them. but I don't think its a requirement.

When you replace things, you should make a concerted effort to replace it with a vegan product. Sometimes that is impossible due to cost or practicality. And then you just get the non-vegan product. But you have to at least try. When I became vegan, bags, wallets, and shoes were tricky. There was not that many choices. Nowadays there are SO many choices.

Your navy Pea coat will probably last you many years but when you do replace it with a synthetic coat I bet you will amazed by how much warmer, more water proof, more wind proof, lighter and less expensive a synthetic coat is. Plus no sheep were harmed in its construction. And with a little effort you can find one that is ethically sourced, too.

In my neighborhood all the kids love their Patagonias and North Face parkas.