Putting salt on my meals cured most of my problems

Jools Holland

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May 25, 2018
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I posted a problem I was having on here a few months ago about how I was getting constant diarrhoea either in the middle of meals or just after eating. I was also feeling really lethargic right after eating and would have to lie down afterwards for a while after meals. I also never, ever felt full and I had to force-feed myself gigantic amounts of food.

Then not long ago I started having miso soup again and I felt this incredible fullness (despite it having no calories) and I felt so good after having it and thought it might be because of the salt. And I therefore started putting salt on all of my meals around 2 - 3 weeks ago, I think, and since then all of the above problems have gone away. Furthermore, I feel full as I'm eating and feel progressively fuller the more I eat. (What would happen before is that I wouldn't feel full while eating until I had consumed a huge amount of calories.)

I don't know if I had hyponatremia. However, I was consuming almost no salt on a plant-based diet (as I've heard to avoid it as much as you can), I sweat a lot during the day, and I was drinking a lot of water, so I probably had incredibly low sodium levels. I'm glad I fixed these problem. Hopefully this may help someone and they could try what I did if they are experiencing some of the same symptoms on a low-salt diet.

I was hoping it would help my chronic sleep maintenance insomnia as well but I don't think it's made a difference for that.
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