Puppies and calves


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Jul 2, 2017
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Hi there.
I was thinking about the issue of taking calves from dairy cattle when an idea popped into my head; what about taking puppies away from their mothers, to go and live in their new homes, at eight weeks old (or older)? The puppies can get quite distressed when away from their mothers and siblings for the first few nights. Do you think it is okay to take puppies from their mothers? What is the difference? Is it to do with the fact that the puppies often go to homes where they will be cared for whereas the calves often don't?
I believe that people should adopt rescue dogs instead of buying from breeders whenever they can, but what about those people that need puppies ideally (e.g. Guide Dogs for the Blind*)?
*I do think that Guide Dogs for the Blind should use rescue dogs whenever they can, if there was, say, a litter of Labrador puppies in rescue, but it is better for the dogs to start the Guide Dog training when they're puppies. It could, possibly, be more difficult to train an adult dog to be a Guide Dog.
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