Pro-vegan movies/vids etc?


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May 17, 2015
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Ok, so we all know about the scary side of meat eating and those gawd awful documentaries that show the suffering of the poor, helpless animals. I know where to find them when I need them.. which I won't, they're preaching to the choir at this point, I don't need the imagery. My mother on the other hand...

I recently came home to visit and found my mother in poor health. She's overweight, suffering the usual western diet side effects (guts, skin, moods etc) and I couldn't hack how she was eating. Nothing real in her kitchen aside from a couple veggies for her fat laden sandwiches and some filtered water.. small miracles lol. She actually eats "healthier" than a lot of typical eaters, but she also eats out and drinks etc.. and she doesn't STOP eating. She eats the typical highly processed foods that actually cause people to be hungrier in the long run. She seems completely at a loss as to how she gained weight.. she's eating "healthy foods" lol. Oh food industry, how I loathe thee ;)

ANYway.. I want her to watch the documentaries that are out there, but I don't need the scary imagery. I sat down to watch one with her the other day and of course they threw in the torture for good measure and she can't watch it, so completely misses the point (I know.. if you can't watch it you shouldn't eat it, but most people miss that point as well). What I really want, is something that shows her what she's doing to HERSELF. She's an addict like most, so won't be thinking too heavily on the animals just yet.. that can come later, but she needs to know what she's doing to herself with all the processed foods and animal products. Any suggestions?
A good documentary I have seen is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is essentially about an Aussie guy who has Urticaria who commits to a 60-day juice fast). It is still on Netflix I believe.

Another great one is called The Beautiful Truth (about the Gerson Therapy).....I have only seen it on Documentary

That site actually has a lot of great diet-related documentaries.

Anyway I have only just realised you posted this back in July of last year (whoops) so you have probably already found what you were looking for but I have typed all this now so, here's my contribution (better late than never right! ha)

Take care :)
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Forks over Knives is very positive and focused on health, following people as they use a vegan diet to help/reverse various health problems. Could be perfect! I don't remember any graphics bits at all, although you might want to check to be 100% sure.
She needs more of real health documentaries then, so these are a must see;)
Food matters,
Food Inc
Fed up
Hungry for change
Forks over knives
Fat&sick&nearly dead
These are all available on Netflix.

Also very interesting "Skinny on obesity"

Or "The Weight of the Nation"

Good luck for your mum !:blush: