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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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Plant Based News creates a movie at the end of the year. I don't think I have ever watched one before. I just watched the trailer and I'm excited about watching this one.

It seems to me that this year has been the most significant.

I think I have watched all the years available and they were good. Looking forward to this one too.

Emma JC
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1. ) Not sure this is the right place for all PlantBasedNews stories. Like Emma's LiveKindly news thread we probably Should have a separate one.

2.) I did watch the Vegan 2019 film. Then I posted it in Emma's old LiveKindlyNews thread.

3. Then Emma made a thread up just for the movie.

4. I have not watched the Zimbabwe video or read the article (yet) but right off I thought of two things to add.
In the Game Changers, one of the guys trained Park Rangers or game wardens in Africa. they weren't all women. I suppose there are similar threads to That story.
Zimbabwe had that terrible genocide 30 years ago where almost all the young men were murdered. Today in Zimbabwe a lot of important jobs are held by women. Including a lot of their legislature. I wonder if those things are in play here.