Animal Advocacy "Pig Scramble" at Christiansburg, VA church on 7/4


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Jun 1, 2012
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Hope this is okay to post, mods!

I posted this on Facebook:

Dear Friends, please politely urge a Christiansburg church to cancel their plans for a "Greased Pig Scramble!"

On July 4, the Bridge Foursquare Church in Christiansburg, Virginia, has scheduled a "Greased Pig Scramble" at its "Old Fashioned July Fourth Celebration." These events typically involve frantic groups of people chasing, grabbing at, and tackling terrified pigs in pens lined with screaming crowds. Pigs often sustain severe injuries such as broken limbs and backs. Politely urge the Bridge Foursquare Church to cancel the Greased Pig Scramble by emailing Joey Lyons, Youth/Associate Pastor,, and Becky Sellers, Children's Ministry Director, And please, spread this alert far and wide!

Thank you very much!

I would be so very grateful if fellow VVers chose to send emails as well.
It would be so cool for them to receive requests from all over the world! Please send polite emails. We may send a group to picket, but it would be nice to have them change their plans before we resort to that!

The church's website is:

Thank you so much!

Lord Snot

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May 7, 2012
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I e-mailed them. I said:


I have heard that you are planning a 'Greased Pig Scramble' for the
4th July. This may be fun for children but it is cruel and often
injurious to the pigs, and I would hope that good Christian people
would not want to cause unnecessary harm to any of God's creatures.
There are thousands of events you could hold that would entertain the
children without compromising the welfare of any animals.

Please reconsider this event.

Kind regards