Pcos - hormone imbalance


Sep 12, 2017
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I have been a vegetarian for 10+ years and recently, 3 months ago, started a vegan diet. I have struggled with PCOS for most of my life and took 5 years to conceive my 2 children through fertility medication. My reproductive endocronologist determined I was annovulatory although I had a regular 29 day medstruation cycle and I had PCOS but was not insulin resistant.

Since becoming vegan, 3 months ago, my breasts have increased atleast a full cup size, I've put weight on my hips and waist, I had cycle day 14 ovulation bleeding, and now no menstruation. I've tested multiple times and am not pregnant. Is it possible my hormones are balancing out and my PCOS is going away and I'm becomimg 'normal'?

I'm posting on here because after years of infertility tests I really don't want to run to the doctors for another bunch of tests, yet I am still worried.

Any advice, suggestions, similar situations are all welcomed. Thanks!