Pattern of illness since going vegan


Apr 9, 2018
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Hello all,

I went vegan after Christmas for Veganuary and have managed to stick to it!
I am really enjoying it and for the first few weeks or so felt amazing!

However in the last few months I have suffered with recurrent viruses/infections (flu like virus, throat/sinus type infections, colds). I have always been prone to these sort of illnesses but would usually maybe get 1-2 per year - however Ive had about 5 in 4 months. I just seem to be catching everything that is going around!

Part of me thinks it is unlikely that my illnesses are caused by my diet as I eat far more vegetables etc than I ever did before? Perhaps illnesses are linked to some other environmental factor.

I should also mention that I am hypothyroid which I take medication for daily. Since going vegan I also take daily B12 supplements, Iodine supplements and probiotic supplements.

Is there something Im missing? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you for any comments :)


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May 31, 2017
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There has been a lot of illness going around this year so it could just be that. Your iron could also be low since that's linked to the immune system working correctly.


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Apr 19, 2015
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My health is crap. I'm the first to admit it but I honestly believe it would be just as bad if I was following a vegetarian diet. (I grew up as a vegetarian from the age of 11).

You mention vitamins from vegetables and a supplement. You don't mention protein. Protein is needed for healing and it is possible that you are not getting enough of it.

I use a fitness calorie counter app and have found that despite the unconveniece of having to pretty much create a recipe for everything because I don't actually eat any pre-made convenience foods (other than popcorn at the weekends) I wasn't getting anywhere near the correct level of protein. I've added both a protein supplement and much more protein in my lunch and evening meals and have been much better since then. I'm not as tired, don't catch everything going around but also don't get as hungry. I can always tell now when I didn't get enough protein the day before because I crave food the next day. On days I ate enough, I'm fine the following day.

You need to be aiming for a minimum of 0.6g per kilo body weight. So for someone who is 100kg you would be aiming for a minimum of 60g. If your 75kg then a minimum of 45g of protein is needed every single day. When you start looking at your diet you'll find that that is a surprisingly difficult figure to achieve. Tempeh, tofu, soya mince/chunks and brands/pulses need to play a large part of your diet to achieve even 45g of protein daily. I now add sliced tofu (firm) tolunch sandwiches for both myself and my husband. It's pretty bland add it is, so doesn't alter the taste of what ever else you have put on your sandwiches. Chutneys play a large part in adding flavour to sandwiches, just watch their sugar content! It can be rather high.


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Mar 23, 2018
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I use to be sick all the time years ago but now I swear by Vitashine and raw carrot juice. I highly recommend Vitashine and eating Vitamin A rich foods like carrots and/or raw carrot juice which is my favorite. These two Vitamins are needed in conjunction for the maturation of immune system cells.

Active Vitamin D is required to stimulate the production of thyroid hormones and 900+ other genes.