Passive vs. assertive styles of vegan evangelism (even aggressives)

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Nov 18, 2017
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I think that all types are needed. While I know "leading by example" works on a socially or religiously minded person, it doesn't work on intellectuals or care-free rockstar types. I'm sorry to destroy your illusions, but no, everyone doesn't like Ghandi. Nevermind, too, that passive "leading by example" is beautiful in world religion, but in matters of hard science, when we are entering or are already in the sixth mass extinction, is borderline laughable.

Despite my obvious bias, I know the "lead by example" works on conformist, social or religious types. But it does not work on others. PETA is actually extremely useful, in 2016 their legal team was dubbed best in the U.S. by an economics magazine, because they accomplish so much on a legal, federal and corporate level. Who cares if Mary Sue in Idaho thinks PETA is offensive? They have freed more animals than most YouTube vegans and have changed national laws. Their "job" isn't to convert Mary Sue in Idaho and they know this. It's to battle big business and the feds, and hopefully attract a few open minded creative types in the process.

There is NO RIGHT WAY to be vegan. Veganism is good on so many levels that I compare it honestly to Christianity, but even more practical. All types can be vegan. So let them be vegan, because their style will work on someone.

I just express annoyance towards a trend towards passivity or "lead by example" in some on-line forums. I know introverts are often drawn to forums so may be more likely to be passive, but good lord, stop telling people this is the only way. No, the hell it's not. If we want the world to go vegan, we have to appeal to different personality types, and some people will not budge without shock, a push, or a shove. That's reality. We don't have time for this nonsense. We're living in the anthropocene extinction. It's either put up or shut up. I reported one of my professors to administration for making fun of vegans, because I go to a very liberal college, and I am going to take advantage of my social and religious standing in this environment. I will not lose one vegan because of a snarky middle aged hunter who teaches land policy.

This kind of thing works (as just one of many examples) and don't deny it, because he reaches millions of followers every week. He's vegetarian and extremely derisive of meat eaters. If we can get him to go vegan, he would be an invaluable asset.

Warning: trigger warning to people easily provoked by sexual content.

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