Palm oil free vegan butter!


Apr 14, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

My husband and I are very new to veganism and still working out what substitutes we want/need.

We’re really struggling to find a vegan friendly butter containing no palm oil (we gave up palm oil a few years ago).

Based in the uk, I’ve now gone to 3 major supermarkets and read the ingredients on all of them. I did find one that had sustainable palm, but I’m not sure we’re happy to dip back into using it.

Would welcome any advice!

Thanks, T
Earth Balance contains sustainable palm oil and organizations like the World Wildlife Fund argue that buying sustainable palm oil is more effective than boycotting palm oil, because boycotting palm oil just means that the people buying palm oil don't gaf where it's sourced from (i.e. the Oreo people) the only incentive palm oil farmers have is the unethical option if we as vegans and vegetarians and other concerned consumers aren't emphasizing that palm oil should be sustainable. These people are so poor they really aren't going to stand on ceremony if they have no other option to live.

However, if you as a vegan choose to abstain from palm oil that's fine. However I don't live in the UK so can't give a nice recommendation.

The fact that people start avoiding palm oil before they will go vegan tells me a lot about the power of advertising. Animal agriculture is responsible for over 80 percent of Amazon forest destruction. But every meat eater I know talks about palm oil.

Advertising and interp is where it's at. Got to get to bat before the meat/dairy industry does.
Excuse my ignorance. Are there not any Wholefoods or Trader Joe type grocery stores on the other side of the world? Those all have great butters without additives. You could also buy from Amazon if you need.