Product Organic hand printed t shirts, many fund raisers for rescues, A.R. campaigns & hunt sabs.

Mercy Full

Jan 17, 2016
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I am a vegan artist using my designs to help raise awareness of animal rights issues and make the world a kinder and, I hope, a more beautiful place! I hand print to order, on organic, carbon neutral t shirts which are made in a factory using only renewable energy. All the designs are my own and most have a vegan or animal rights theme.
I support and involve myself in direct action to save lives so many of my designs are being used as fund raisers for fantastic organisations to help animals.
I am currently raising money for direct action to save badgers from the English badger cull, Animal Aid, London Vegan Action's anti foie gras campaign, Sea Shepherd, Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue, A Wild Life with Animal's wildlife ambulance, the Hunt Saboteurs Association, the front line of wildlife defence, the National Fox Welfare Society which rescues and sends free mange treatments out to foxes all over the U.K., Care for the Wild's Free Morgan campaign to try and secure the release of the young wild caught orca currently imprisoned and performing daily in a marine zoo in Tenerife, and local petrol funds for local hunt sabbing.
My t shirts and aprons and tote bags, and baby onesies make ideal gifts or are a great way of wearing your message; my designs are quirky and tend to make people think or smile and often open up positive conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise! My two shops are which is entirely badger- themed, and from which I take no money for myself. This shop has raised thousands of pounds for combatting the cruel badger cull. My other shop is which is how I make a living and raise money for all the other campaigns I support. Please check out my vegan t shirt shops. bee nice yellow.jpg purple bunny cropped.jpg dolphin blue.jpg give a fox redder.jpg orange fox mine.jpg brown_boar (1).jpg vegan police blue.gif Your support and interest is greatly appreciated. :)
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