Opinion: Dairy is just as bad or worse


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Jul 15, 2017
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People have this idea that it is better to eat dairy than beef, because the cow didn't die for the dairy, but that cow will be slaughtered when her milk production falls off and to keep the milk flowing she must be impregnated once per year and if the last calf she produced was a male, he has been killed already, either discarded or slaughtered immediately for bob veal or kept in a veal crate for a period of time to make regular veal.

So a cow has already died for the dairy, if her last calf was a male, and she herself will die someday for that dairy, because she will be of no use after she is spent so will then be made into hamburger.

Also, she has a comparatively long miserable life as a dairy cow, having her babies ripped from her year after year for three years, compared to a shorter slightly better life for a beef cow.

Sometimes, people who think dairy is less cruel than beef claim it is because in theory it is possible to let mother and child stay together and not kill either, and still get the milk.

However, the cow would give milk for less than a year, and then she would have to get pregnant again to keep the milk flowing. Without slaughter and without allowing predators to thin the herd, what would keep the population of breeding cows in check? Even in a hypothetical, idyllic setting, the cows would out breed their food source. So I don't see how slaughter free milk is possible, or how it is possible even in theory in an ideal setting to have milk for which a cow has not or will not die(d) to produce.

The only way I can see it being slaughter free is if you have milk for one year and then have all your cows spayed or neutered and keep them as pets for the next 20 years. And I don't see how that being possible in theory makes eating factory farmed dairy better than factory farmed beef, because cows die to produce both but factory farmed dairy cow suffer more.


Aug 3, 2019
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I think it's more animal friendly to eat biological meat than to drink milk, at least they had a decent life prior to their death (too short, that is)
But most animals in the meat industry suffer too while alive and get killed in inhumane ways, which is only getting worse with the influx of Muslims in Europe and their halal ********. And the problem with biological meat is that you don't always know... You'll have to visit the farm to be sure the animals really have it good. A farm just outside of my hometown keeps cows for meat and they truly have it good. It's just a small group, the babies stay with their moms and they have a huge field of grass with their own lake in it. Now I personally still wouldn't eat meat even if animals had that much luxury while alive, eating dead animals in itself is just nope, the smell alone makes me sick now...

Animals in the dairy industry suffer no doubt, these cows are literally getting raped, by humans, just to get their babies stolen and get killed themselves when they get too old...

I'm kinda more okay with eggs, they lay them anyways (I mean, we breeded them like that, which is gross but good luck undoing that now) but I'm not okay with the way a lot of those chicken are kept and their brothers getting killed. I heard they even try to find a way to genetically manipulate chicken so there will only be females anymore. In a way that's good cause no more roosters will get killed but ******* with genes and hormones like that can never be healthy, I can't imagine it being healthy for the humans who eat those eggs either...