Not to break veganism even if too sufferable - or = hindered actually getting to better place

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Grateful for the ozone layer? Though since life is so sufferable, I am not in honesty. Participatory in keeping me alive in this misery.

Look at psychiatry and all the people in there, fleshfarms - even death hindered. @EnvAgency @UNEnvironment #sxe #straightedge #vegan

Vvould I vvant others to feel the same, to not be able to be reborn?

-- I feel attempted dragged out of being vegan, not in a good vvay. Combined factors from various angles, likely also used.

Vvhere I connect;
vegan zen buddhist grovvth - Plum Village france.
Vegan Straight edge

-- Thought and provoked statement; in case I get done to vvhat I vvas done to 2016, forced drugintake of vvhat involved animal experimentation and not only testing - hereunder also human to extents I assume and not as experimental cures - I vvould not be able to go on anymore; vvould eat flesh, drink covvs mothers milk, smoke vveed, drink alcohol etc. - likely vvould kill me and if not I vvould become so diseased that I vvould die.
Seems to happen through body of me to an extent also; considering that I am unable to really take care of teeth (not an issue vvhile vegan, but since 2016 experience I just lost caring generally).

-- Not doing Haikiri; besides a svvord vvould be needed as corruption etc vvould be too damaging not just for me.

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