No Kitty No!

Forest Nymph

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Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
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So I "rescued" a very sweet, lovable young calico female who happened to be running by the side of the road a few nights ago. I dutifully put up ads on two different sites trying to find her family, to no avail. Determined to keep her then, I was about to order some supplies that were more long-term than a bag of kibble and a cardboard box with some torn newspaper and dirt in it as a litter container, when she pushed the screen out of my window and ran away.

I was trying to keep her inside until her family or companion made themselves known, or at least until I could get a collar for her, and maybe a harness to take her for walks instead of allowing her to run amok.

I feel sad that kitty is gone! She was such a sweet cat. This is probably how she ended up on the street in the first place. I tried my best, she literally pushed my screen out while I was in the bathroom. If she comes back or I see her again, I'll try harder, but I'm not trying to hold an unwilling animal hostage.

It really does make me sad, though I also made myself laugh, as she ran away I said, "come back! this isn't what I meant by animal liberation!"

I should adopt a shelter cat.