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Jan 1, 2018
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So basically I have followed a plant based route for about 5 months. Im 49 and live in Scotland.
My journey is probably not the most common route but I imagine im not the only one thats arrived this way.
My wife has said for years that she wished she could be vegetarian - only issue here is she has a fear of green
food - yes scared by a lettuce. Anyway six months ago she really wanted to start getting more veg into her diet
and so she decided she was going vegetarian - she then embarked on a utube fest to get as much info as she could and then after seeing the chicks going into a grinder she said that was it she was going Vegan.

To make such a change and for it to work it seems pointless to try to live seperate food lives so I adopted the
same diet - (my choice). I thought it would be harder to just eat Vegan in house then omnivore elsewhere so
just went full in. For the first two weeks I did have a cheese and jalapeno loaf from tesco at the weekend
and a few bottles of wine thats heritage was not confirmed. Like most cheese was my biggest area of concern.
I havent found the change to hard except finding wines and holidays are definately harder and i cant believe
how many labels i read in shops now to see whats in what.
I have also enjoyed the making of seitan etc from scratch - still need to do the tofu although im not a big tofu
fan but maybe if i make from scratch then i may appreciate more.
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I don't know anyone who has made tofu from scratch - good for you! I've found tempeh (which I think undergoes extra fermentation?) to be much more flavourful, so that might be worth a try?

Lately I've been thinking that it's the food that you need to label-check that is the absolute worst - in most cases you can't even taste the "milk powder" or whatever else is in there, it's all just piled in without a second thought...

Anyway, I digress! Congratulations on your first 5 months :)
Welcome bro.
Lived in Fife for 6 years. Great place. Lost the love of my life there. :-(.

Welcome mate. And congrats.
Canadian with Fife Roots, (Strathmiglo), the tofu will become second nature, my wife makes an "Egg Salad" to die for and "Scrambles" in the fry pan with onions then on a 7 grain toast MMmmm! (the chicks helped me convert too)!
fifer central - although I live in Edinburgh. I spent the first 30 years in fife - glenrothes and leuchars - so know strathmiglo well.
I will still play with tofu - although first attempt from scratch was a disaster.
You have to use the correct consistency, firm, extra firm, silken, soft, shredded. Look them up and there is lots on Youtube,
My cousin lives at the top of the road overlooking the Kirk cemetery, he says half our ancestors are there :grinning:
re: the tofu.... would you like a good cooking method? i have not eaten bacon for a while so cannot say for sure but i reckon it would compare!