New vegan!


May 24, 2017
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Hello! Yesterday was my first day of being vegan. I transitioned overnight from meat and animal products in every meal to none at all. I have considered it for a while, but my breaking point was researching how animals are treated in most farms.
That's awesome! I have some info on my website you may want to see, even if you're not a teenager.

There's also Facebook groups and Reddit subthreads where you can connect with other vegans. To me, the hardest part isn't changing lifestyle--it's finding people to relate to!
Great - good for you.! Remember to eat more food now to stay just as full and satisfied as before. Remember to take B12 supplement and perhaps check sources of calcium, omega 3 and iodine for good nutrition. Do you need any help with nutrition? Recipes? Dealing with social situations? Please do reach out and someone can try and help you out.
I was in central Philadelphia a few weeks ago and found an awesome vegan restaurant called Vedge. Unfortunately it's expensive because the plates/courses are really small so you need to eat three of them. With drinks and tips, you are looking at around $50 per person for one meal. Pretty cool place though. A place like that certainly shows what's possible on a vegan diet.