New vegan but wasn't when i accepted the wedding invite.


May 3, 2017
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Hello everyone.

I am having a bit of a dilemma. I have recently decided to go from being veggie to becoming vegan. All is going well and this forum is answering a lot of my questions however I need help....

I have two weddings this month. Both invitations (and menu choices) we're accepted before I made the leap (well twas more of a little step) to becoming vegan. I am pretty sure most of my menu choices contain dairy or eggs as my hosts knew I was veggie and six months ago I wasn't vegan.

I am a bit close in to ask for a vegan choice but I will feel bad about eating the dairy and eggs. If it was the going veggie step I would have just not eaten the meat but I feel I will be ostracised if I refuse whole dinners that they have paid for.

What would you do?