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May 2, 2016
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Hi all. I'm Derek and live in Essex. 10yrs a veggie and now a couple of months into full vegan (though did the 'mostly vegan' thing for about 3 months too).
Should have done it years ago really but like many people assumed it would be too hard with eating out, desserts, chocolate etc etc. I read somewhere about the 'mostly vegan' idea in January and that was all I needed really to give me the extra push.
I don't think any of us know exactly how all the medicines and toxins in dairy affect people but I now have more energy, concentrate at work better, sleep better and just feel 'fresh' since I cut it fully from my life.
However, I will say 'Thank the Lord for Fry's Peppermint Cream' :yum
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Hi Derek,

How's it going with the vegan lifestyle ? Must be some three months now since you started.

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Very well thank you. Just came back from the Isle of Man . Very meat and fish centered island but we managed okay. Had to hunt around a bit and phone ahead to restaurants. Our friends were intrigued and loved our vegan chilli. One couple are going to try meat free twice a week so we may have made a difference there :)
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Excellent to hear. I keep a stash of dried fruits with me for places which are difficult for a vegan, also things like rice, beans, jacket potatoes I find quite universal in pubs/restaurants ;)