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Mar 28, 2016
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Hello everyone,

Decided to join up as there are so few vegans in my life I thought I'd join a community for info, people to chat to & interesting discussions.

I've been vegan for the last couple of years, vegetarian on & off since I was about 14 - so reasonably used to it all (along with the 37 million explanations of my dietary choices!)
Welcome, Mark. It gets a bit old having to justify being vegan all the time, doesn't it? Obviously I know it's worth it, but surely there can't be that many people left on the planet who don't know what a plant-based diet means? Part of me wonders if we're not going through a social era/age where nobody believes what anyone else is saying possibly because the internet age has taught us to be less trusting? This could be a good thing as well as not so good. However sometimes I think people don't even believe what they are saying themselves. This morning I ordered my usual coffee no froth. "I'll try my very best to avoid the froth," said the new barista, earnestly. She delivered it with 2cm of froth and one of those drizzled leaf ripple designs on top. Eh? She asked if it were okay. I thought she was taking the mick, but she wasn't ... & yet she was so earnest, more earnest than I would've been because hey, it's just a coffee; I know how to use a spoon. Likewise with a plant-based diet ... No, I don't eat fish... :) I'd like to meet the person who marketed fish as something other than a carnivore's delight because he/she did an amazing job. :) Perhaps we need them on our team?

Anyway, I'm glad you're on our team, Mark. ;-)
Welcome. It can be frustrating, even with people who you think do understand. Out of the blue, a friend who has been buying me vegan treats for the past couple of years, offered me skimmed milk in my tea, bought specially for me I might add, which made it difficult to refuse. However, I did, as if I hadn't it would have been thought the skimmed milk was vegan, and I would have been offered it again, and again. You just have to stick to your guns, as kindly as possible.
Welcome! I have just joined the vegan lifestyle and I have to admit I am trying to fly low because of all the questions it would come from it. I am more than welcome to have a civilised conversation with people but most of the time they are trying to figure out what's wrong with me and they are not open minded at all about it.

That's why I think this forum is great, so that you can just be yourself without having to justify every choice you make

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I agree. People have written up studies about how we humans take our diets so personally (& react to others) ... but I always read them and wonder why. Is what you choose for lunch in a restaurant really that important to your identity or sense of self when you're a meat eater? I can't remember caring that much when I ate meat. And the vegetarian's choice next to me didn't impact me back then either. Maybe I just have a bad memory ;-)

I know we are all here for the lifestyle/needless animal cruelty/global health issues, which are much bigger than us and our little lives ... and I know that many food choices for others are related to their faith/religion ... but what's the big (personal) deal about going a day without meat (MeatFreeMondays) or having a vegan option on the menu?

I guess I don't understand the desire to be closed minded in either direction - them to us, or us to them. From the sounds of most people in this group, I suspect we are pretty open minded towards hearing the meat eater's side. Perhaps I'm wrong, but everyone here has seemed fairly open to discussion (not meaning "pliable in opinions"), which I appreciate. I know in some communities other layers form where people try to out-do the group members. This forum doesn't have that competitive drive, which I also appreciate. Choices in life are made so much more wisely in the calm, quiet moments ... don't you think? I hope this forum gives other people those moments too.
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