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Jan 4, 2016
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Hi all,

I've posted around a bit (randomly!) but thought I would introduce myself briefly.

I have been a strict vegetarian since I was 12 years old (28 years) and raised my two children as veggie also. They have never eaten meat or fish. I have always leaned towards veganism naturally within myself, it started for me with a deep empathy of living creatures and subsequently the environment which when abused can cause much suffering to life.

My daughter and I have recently turned Vegan. I don't find the transition difficult, if I am honest, because I have always cooked from scratch and taken an interest in ingredients. I think the hardest thing initially was eggs and cheese for my daughter (age 13). But now we are happily throwing ourselves into vegan baking, cookery and everything associated with this lifestyle.

My son is away at university and is a steadfast vegetarian and animal rights supporter. He would also like to make the transition into veganism and is promoting it wherever he goes at Uni which I am proud of.

I am currently finishing a research Masters and have completed two PhD modules. I am tempted to initiate a new thesis that includes veganism as a factor. I'll keep you updated if I do!

I look forward to posting and also reading the threads. Some great topics.
Take care all,

Blue X


Blueberry I think it was a really lovely introduction! It's nice to get a longer 'hello' :)