Dec 31, 2021
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Hi all

Some of you may have heard about by work, but most not so introducing myself. I have a 30 year career regulating the livestock sector, reaching the top of my profession. However, I'm not allowed to say who with due to restrictions. I went Vegan 5-years ago, a year after suffering a stroke 6-years back. Thanks to the likes of Dr Greger I discovered why I most likely had a stroke and changed to a whole food plant-based diet overnight. Coupled with my frustrations of trying to keep the tide of livestock pollution at bay and finally listening to my vegan daughter I went ethical vegan at the same time. I immediately started to research and write a book and after 4-years of weekends and late nights finally published a book Livestock's Longer Shadow: Hope Lives in Kindness. UK Cowspiracy, but a lot more detailed.

Livestock’s Longer Shadow in general is a book for everyone everywhere who cares about animals, our planet, our health, our future and our children’s future from farm to fork and who wants to have a better understanding of the science behind the subject within a UK lens. More detail here: Livestock's Longer Shadow. Before taking on this subject I have written several natural history titles, ironically on 'carnivorous plants.'

It is science based, and deals with the subject as a whole and not in silos. From a personal perspective it would have been easier to publish after I retired, but that would have been 10 years too late!

I have been out and about in 2021 and hope to be more visible again in 2022, so hopefully will get the pleasure to meet people from this Forum.

Please check out the book, and if not for you please forward on to anyone who you think would be interested.

Hope Lives in Kindness and my very best wishes to you all

Tim (Tim Bailey)


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