Need some food tips!


Sep 2, 2015
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Hey! I'm transitioning and I think it is hard to know what I can eat and not. Is sugar an animal product? Does anyone know if the naked juice is vegan? And what kind of bread and peanut butter is a good solution for vegans? Mostly shop at target or walmart. I would happily take recommendations on what I can buy on walmart/target that you like to buy:)


Refined sugars are often filtered and processed using animal products, just like wine is. Whilst both products are indeed, in the unadulterated versions, vegan we humans have conveniently found ways to make them not so. Best to always look for the label, Tate & Lyle (if you use them) do mark their sugars with 'V' signs wherever applicable.

Many breads have added milk, which you need to watch out for. As to your questions it really is best to look for brands that clearly state 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' (if you check the dietary listing) on the packaging. Also many citrus fruits get sprayed with shellac, which could make some juices non-vegan. Best to learn how to Google-check things too - Naked Juice states that their products are vegan except those that contain milk.

In short, since I'm based in the UK, always check the label. :)