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Nov 7, 2015
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Cheapo here. :D
Welcome to my 8th or 9th post.
Vegetarian for approaching 30 years now, quit eggs early last year, quit dairy right after Xmas 2015. But I'm a very disorganized bloke, so I often fail first thing in the morning, by forgetting to take soya milk to work. Then I'm forced to drink black decaf for the rest of the day which I hate. :weary_face:
Was that a squirrel?
I've always loved rice and pasta with cooked veggies/curry/. But I was stuck to the cheese for a long time! I never bought eggs from the supermarket since everywhere in England is near to a farm, so free range was always available, but I'm somewhat lazy in the kitchen and even cooking and preparing them was a bother.
One Pot Cooking for blokes! Got large pot? Got lid? Throw in rice and water, get it boiling, then pasta too and all your veg. LoL! I've had a long term sinus infection, maybe it was the cheese, but it means that I don't care much about delicate or mild flavours and like things with lots of ground black pepper or curry etc. And lets not forget tomato puree and fried onions.
My 18 old black and white cat Eddie is very poorly at the moment, with fits and occasional loss of vision, s oI may loose him this year.
Recently aquired an old diesel Peugeot, which may well become a vegan too. :p

I haven't used enough smileys have I? :poop:
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