Natural sports drink alternative


Mar 27, 2015
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I'm am getting myself into a lot of workout lately and I've been sweating quite a lot. I've tried drinking the usual sports drinks I can conveniently access and buy, but I have noticed that I feel sluggish afterwards. So far, I had to stick to water as thirst-quencher after my exercise routines. I was wondering if there are vegan alternatives to the usual sugary sports drinks. So far, I read and heard that coconut water can be a good alternative too. Any reactions or opinions to this? If you can suggest fresh fruit juice for this kind of active living, what would it be? Thank you! :D
I visit the gym quite often I don't really drink sports drinks though, I think most of them give you protein? I think lots of water is going to be you're friend, I drink a lot while working out.
I'm sure someone else may be able to give you a better answer to your question.
The cocunut water is very helpful and refreshing. I also drink a rehydration drink using maple syrup, salt and a pinch of kelp. The maple syrup is a healthy sweetener with nutrients and it won't hike up you're blood sugar level. The kelp has helpful minerals, and the salt combines with them to replenish your electolites.
Coconut water, Lemon water or Lime water (or any other water with some amount of citric fruit juice infused) is great. Not only is it refreshing, it is also very beneficial... There are a number of natural options that are available that can be used.
You may find that you are feeling sluggish afterwards because you have not eaten the correct foods before the workout (and that includes the evening before) and have deleted your glycogen stores in your liver.

Perhaps you can share your 'diet' with us. What have you eaten beforehand in the day up to going to the gym? Exactly how long and what are you doing in the gym? What are you drinking in the gym? Are you overweight, underweight, used to this level of exercise, how often are you going to the gym?

For all we know, you could simply be asking too much from your body and need to back off a touch?
I recommend coconut water. It's very nutritious at the same time, tasty. We tend to also use coconut water as dextrose substitute as a kind of first aid. It replenishes electrolytes in the body.