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Jun 10, 2017
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Hello Everyone... Thanks for taking the time to read this.. or to browse it.

Naked Vegan is looking for Vegan/Vegetarian independent reps to sell their products at festivals, markets, body care parties, spas, tattoo shops, local and region stores, or if you are so inclined to National Chains.

We are a 100% Vegan across ALL of our product lines.

We offer 3 brands:

NVWax - Offers soy based massage and scented candles
VBody Care - Offers All Natural Body Care Body Care Products such as Body Butters, Lotions, Bath Fizzies and Oils.
Bläck Tattoo Care - Offers All Natural Tattoo Care in 3 varieties. Light, Butter and Balm

As an independent rep, you will have the opportunity to focus on one or all of the brands. You will also be notified when we add new product lines, which we do regularly. You will be supplied with a starter kit.

If you are interested, go to and fill out the form.

We look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to sell a product they can believe in!

Naked Vegan is a small batch vegan company run by owners who have over 30 years of veganism and animal welfare/rescue work combined. They believe in their products and the welfare of all living creatures.

This is not a offer for employment. It is a independent consultant position. How much you will make is based on your effort and ability to sell.
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