My partner broke up with me as I’m vegetarian.

Hello @Dancer123 , I am very sorry for what you are going through.

As others have mentioned and as you are suspecting yourself, this might just be a pretext, so possibly best for you to go your separate ways.
However, please don't let this experience turn you against vegetarianism/veganism.
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Though I obviously don't know the entire story, and I know neither person involved, from what I'm hearing, @Dancer123, you will likely look back at this relationship ending as a good thing. In my mind, a true vegan should show compassion not only for non-human animals, but for other people as well. Transitioning can be difficult and a caring person would understand that and work with you rather than force their beliefs down your throat and make demands. It sounds like a potentially brighter future lies ahead, though it may not feel that way right now. Take care of yourself and try to think about what may come in the future rather than what happened in the past.