MNC Beauty - Much Needed Color, All Vegan Cosmetics

Greta Twist

Jun 18, 2012
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Hi everyone! I posted about this in my intro thread, but it was suggested to me that I make a thread just for it!

I am the sole propieter of MNC Beauty, an all vegan hypo-allergenic cosmetics line specially formulated and tested on myself (I am allergic to a lot of purchased cosmetics). I have calm colors and more exotic/crazy colors, but every color when applied dry is subtle and quite lovely on most complexions. You can mix it with water for a more dramatic look if wanted.

We are in the process of formulating eye liner and lipstick that is all vegan, meaning no beeswax or anything of the sort in the formula.

All of our cosmetics are $5 each, not including shipping. I've found a lot of other organic/vegan products to just be ridiculously expensive, and after formulating and making the products myself, it confuses me as to why the others are so expensive. I like to feel our price gives us a bit of an edge; you get an awesome product at a very reasonable price. Feel free to check us out!