Migrating from ovo-lacto-vegetarian to vegan


Sep 3, 2018
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Two weeks in and some big cuts have been made. Soya milk replaced milk. No cheese, no egg. Carob replaced chocolate. Water intake went up quite a bit. Rye replaced wheat. No more processed cookies or cakes or brownies. Tea is steadily replacing that black acid called "coffee".

I found that coffee kills my gut even with soya milk. When my stomach is not being abused by caffeine and cocoa I am eating one solid meal mid-morning, and fruit or fruit juices for the rest of the day with water.

Later in the day my gut is in a constant state of nausea. Even when my stomach is empty I have felt like vomiting a few times in the past few weeks. It would feel like a curdling in my gut and then an odd excessive watering in my mouth. But it would pass without actually vomiting. Last night was the first time I did actually vomit, and what came out was a greenish kinda liquid vomit, obviously no food in it. But weird thing it was as bitter as hell. Burned the hell out of my throat considering I had taken a few ant-acids earlier before bed. I thought my stomach acid would be quite alkaline. Not!

Once the small amount of vomit was out, my stomach settled pretty quickly and I could actually get some sleep. Drank a cap full of water twice to lube my throat and sucked an ant-acid to sooth my burnt throat. The previous few nights my gut kept waking me with that constant symptom of nausea, so sleep had been erratic.

Will keep the updates coming once its while.

My original weight a month ago was around 95kg. Now I am dropping to under 87kg.

Please don't give advice unless I ask for it. I offer this simply as a public record of my transition to vegan.

Simple encouragements are warmly welcomed.



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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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Sorry, I am going to give you some unasked for advice. That greenish stuff you vomited is called bile.

One of the most common reasons to find Bile outside the stomach is a syndrome called GERDS. GERDS has many causes but a vegan diet is not one of them. Although one of the best ways to manage GERDS is with diet.

BTW, I have GERDS. When I got old the little valve at the top of the stomach became weaker. It could no longer close that tightly and would leak. I saw a doctor who recommended a modified diet (this was before I was vegan), sleeping on my back with an "acid reflux wedge pillow", and an occasional Tums when I get the acid reflux. There are medications for it but I have been able to manage without anything but the occasional tums.

GERDS has many causes but its pretty common. And no matter what the causes it can be managed pretty much the same way. but you should see a Doctor and find out what is the cause. it's better to treat the cause than the symptoms when possible. Oh, and the best way to manage it IS with diet. There are some foods that are still vegan that need to be minimized or eliminated - but being vegan is a good start.
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