Media Mesmerised. Flying slaves. Documentary about cruelty.


Mar 12, 2016
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Hello fellow vegans and animal rights advocates. Let me borrow your attention please. This is the vegan movie I'm filming now. And I need your financial aid.

Mesmerised. Flying slaves. Documentary about cruelty.

Mesmerise (verb) – to hold the attention of someone entirely: to interest or amaze someone so much that nothing else is seen or noticed: to hypnotize.

Why do we call our movie “Mesmerised. Flying slaves.”? At first it’s hard to find the connection between hypnosis and swiftlet farming. But if we look closer, an incredible cruelty arises. Digital audio hypnotizes are used to hack bird's communication system and send false messages to the birds to force them behave as a farm’s owner wants. Artificially created audio mixes trick birds to settle in a certain place or even make them reproduce. Cruel enough? What about artificially created hormones and pheromones sprayed to reinforce desirable behavior of swiftlets? What do they farm them for? Nests. Seriously, swiftlets nests. Hundreds tons per year with a retail price up to $10000 per kg. And a single nest weights about 10 gram. Do the math yourself. They call it “the caviar of the East”. Hypnotized birds with falsely induced mating behavior build nests over and over again. That's why we call it Mesmerised. Flying slaves.

Please give me a hand to make it happen. Back the campaing or share please. Together we're changing the world right now.
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