Dec 30, 2016
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Sussex, UK
  1. Vegan newbie
I have a Vitamin D deficieny, which I have to take supplements for. However, it is vitamin D3 I was given due to how low my levels were, but I am aware this is not vegan friendly, (It's not even vegetarian friendly!) I am wondering if it is OK to take it whilst following my new vegan lifestyle, as it is prescribed by the doctor, or not? I had a discussion with my old GP about it, who said that it is the strongest and with my levels being as low as they were they couldn't give me Vitamin D2 which I believe doesn't contain animal products. The deficieny I have was caused by hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) which is a lifelong condition, therefore they think I will need Vitamin D forever too. It may be that eventually my levels get high enough for me to switch to vitamin D2, but as yet we are unsure.
I am also worried because the medication I have to take for my under active thyroid contains lactose, but it is a medication I HAVE TO take, so I'm now worried that I won't be seen as a "serious" vegan if I continue taking it. The doctor won't prescribe me the lactose free one as I do not have a milk allergy and it's currently only available on the NHS to people with a diagnosed milk allery (apparently).
Will people still see that I am serious about being vegan if I continue these medications, or not? The thyroid medication absolutely can not be negotiated as without it I could get really sick, but the Vitamin D3 might be able, to be negotiated if we switched it to a multivitamin (I'm waiting for a blood test to check my iron levels among other things anyway). I guess I'm worried people won't take me seriously if about being a vegan if I am taking medication which are not vegan friendly ...
when you are sick and meds help u don't have a choice. nice people won't judge. Sorry your sick. It sucks.