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Jan 8, 2016
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Hi. Has anyone else noticed a recent trend in facebook and/or other social networking or face-to-face?

I have become more & more aware of how often regular people push meat dishes into their daily posts & make "just jokin'," anti-veg(etari)an comments however innocuous. I don't think it's my being sensitive as I'm not overly vocal & have been vegan for well over a year - one would've thought I'd have seen this before now if I were either. This trend seems to be in the last month or so.

Perhaps I've missed some important global event that has made meatlovers more self-conscious - it seems like defensiveness? Am I wrong or did I miss something? It doesn't impact any of my decisions or general happiness but the trend to my eyes is enough to notice. Have you noticed this too, by chance?
Veganism seems to have become the latest in thing, so there is bound to be a backlash against it. If people are told they should do something they probably won't, so I don't know if it is a good thing or not. Lots of people did give up smoking it's true, but the next generation seem to take it up in a rebellious move, just like my friends and I did when we were kids. So, it could be we have a generation in which to eradicate the meat, fish and dairy industry. Better get on with it I suppose.:)